Three Palestinians have been reportedly killed on Saturday after an Israeli drone fired a missile towards the vicinity of a local school in eastern Gaza city.
Witnesses said that the air strike targeted the Aljaro street near the Ibn Al-arqam school to the east of Gaza city, as medics confirmed three people were killed in the air strike.

The Israeli air strike came after buzzing of an Israeli drone has been non-stop in the area, witnesses added.

In the meantime, three other Palestinians were reported by medics as wounded after an Israeli tank shelled the aLShayima’ school in the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Lahiya.

Dr. Mo’awiya Abu Hasanin, chief of emergency and ambulance department at Gaza’s health ministry, made clear that one of the wounded is in a critical condition as the two others are seriously wounded.

Today’s air strike on Gaza is the first in almost two weeks of calm in the region after the Israeli army had killed earlier this month more that 120 Palestinians, including 30 children, in a large ground offensive on northern Gaza.