A group of Palestinian resistance fighters, on Tuesday at midday, escaped an Israeli army ambush in the village of Zababda, located south of Jenin city in the northern West Bank.

Palestinian sources said that at least 20 Israeli armored vehicles stormed the village of Zababda on Tuesday morning, surrounding the local mosque. Israeli military figures claimed that Palestinian resistance fighters were hiding inside.

Israeli troops attacked and searched a number of nearby homes before opening fire at the mosque and the nearby Catholic monastery. Damage was reported, but no injures.

During the attack, invading troops clashed with local youth who hurled stones at the soldiers. Troops responded with tear gas and live rounds, although no injures have been reported.

The operation finished on Tuesday at midday, when troops left the village after kidnapping local Shiekh, Fathi Qatiyah, 35.

The Islamic Jihad movement have announced that the attack on Zababdah targeted a group of their fighters. In a statement faxed to press, the group revealed that their fighters escaped the area long before the army surrounded the mosque.