The Israeli army searched Palestinian homes in the southern West Bank city of Hebron and nearby villages, kidnapping four civilians and attacking two Palestinian radio stations in the city on Tuesday.

Troops searched homes in the old city of Hebron and the nearby villages of Beit Umer and Deir Samit, kidnapping three civilians. Local sources identified the three men as: Mohamed Nasser Al Deen, 52, Jameel Alqam, 62, and Imad Abu Maryia, 30.

Meanwhile another Israeli force attacked the offices of Al Huriya (freedom) and Siraj Radio stations located in Hebron city and closed them down. Witnesses said that troops searched and ransacked the two offices then took computers and broadcasting equipment.

Ahmad Sonokrot, a radio technician from Siraj Radio was kidnapped by the Israeli troops during the attack.

Both Siraj and Al Huriya radio stations operate under license from the Palestinian Authority.