Palestinian media sources reported that an Israeli army force kidnapped a local Palestinian farmer from the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanoun on Tuesday .
Zamel Shallouf, 23, was kidnapped by an army special force in the Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanoun, after the force had invaded farm lands on the Israel border-line in the area.

Witnesses said that an Israeli force, including infantry troopers, swept into Beit Hanoun city and detained Shallouf.

Palestinian farmers, working in the area of the Gaza-Israel border have been exposed to various Israeli military actions. A number of them have been killed, others wounded and many others arrested.

Currently, the coastal region observes a state of calm, after the Israeli army killed more than 120 Palestinians, including 40 children, earlier in March.

Israel says its actions, mainly in the northern parts of the Gaza Strip, are meant to stop homemade shells fired into adjacent Israeli areas.