A joint group of fighters from the armed wing of the democratic front for the liberation of Palestine and the armed wing of the Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, claimed responsibility early on Sunday for firing a number of homemade shells onto Israel.

In a joint statement, faxed to press, the said group fired two homemade shells onto the Sufa crossing to the south of Gaza Strip as well as three other shells onto the Israeli town of Sderot to the north of Gaza.

Also on Saturday night, the democratic front’s armed wing opened fired one shell towards the Sderot town, a statement read.

Palestinian resistance groups in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip continue to fire homemade shells onto Israeli targets around the coastal region.

Israel has been placing the territory under strict closure since June of last year as the Israeli army has been engaged in a series of killings; the latest were more than 120 Palestinians including 40 children, early this month.