Dr. Mustafa al Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative (PNI), warned on Thursday of the dangers of the ongoing deterioration of the human situation in the Gaza Strip.

Barghouthi stated that he is astonished by the international silence towards the Israeli violations and the siege which is depriving the residents from their basic needs including the essential medical treatment, medicine and food supplies.

The statements of Barghouthi came during a press conference in the northern West Bank city of Ramallah.

He stated that 120 Palestinian patients died in the Gaza Strip after Israel barred them from leaving the coastal region for medical treatment. Dozens of patients are currently in serious conditions and are still waiting to be allowed to leave the Gaza Strip for medical treatment.

Dr. Barghouthi also stated that Israel is taking advantage of the Palestinian internal unrest to separate the West Bank from the Gaza Strip by starving the Palestinians and imposing facts on the ground through settlement Wall.

He called on all Palestinian factions to be alert and realize the dangers of the ongoing internal tension, and to start focusing on the interests of the Palestinian people facing ongoing Israeli violations and attacks.

He concluded his statement by voicing a call to all Palestinian factions to restore national unity among them and among all Palestinians.