Medical sources in the northern Gaza Strip said that a Palestinian fighter was killed by an Israeli army shell, east of Jabalya refugee camp in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The sources said that two other Palestinians were injured in the same Israeli shelling.

The Popular Resistance Committee stated that the fighter is one of its field leaders, and that he was killed in an Israeli shelling as the resistance was exchanging fire with Israeli forces invaded east of Jabalia.

The fighter was identified as Awad Al Tahrawy (Abu Eyad), 45. His body was severely mutilated as he was hit by an artillery shell.

Witnesses said that a column of 30 Israeli tanks invaded the eastern parts of Jabalya earlier in the day, and that were stationed just 100 meters away from the locals' houses which sustained heavy gunfire.

Meanwhile, Palestinian resistance groups fired several homemade shells onto nearby Israeli towns in the early hours of Tuesday.

The Israeli army's sporadic gunfire over the past couple of weeks has claimed the lives of at least 5 Palestinians including a little child, and wounded several others in different parts of the coastal region.

Israeli military escalation on the ground is consistent with Palestinians' fears of an imminent large Israeli ground offensive on Gaza that Israel has been reportedly planning for the past few months.