UNRWA Commissioner-General, Karen Abu Zeid, stated on Monday that the situation in the Gaza Strip is disastrous, and that extensive efforts are needed to end the crisis in the coastal region.During a Monday evening meeting with Legislator Jamal Al Khodary, head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege, Abu Zeid stated that it will call upon UN institutions and donor institutions to visit Gaza and take clear stances on the situation.

Abu Zeid called upon international organizations and human rights groups to finance Gaza and save it from the consequences of the ongoing siege.

Meanwhile, Al Khodary stated that the Israeli siege on Gaza and the reduction of fuel supplies, including a total freeze on the entry of fuel over the last six days, caused a further crisis. He said that the Main Power Generator Station in the Gaza Strip could stop by the end of the week if it is not provided with the needed fuel.

He added that the lack of fuel supplies is affecting important facilities in the Gaza Strip, especially hospitals and public transportation. The UNRWA is providing approximately 110000 liters of diesel fuel to municipalities in the Gaza Strip in order to enable them deal with the disposal of waste water.

In a recent report, the United Nations Agency for Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, stated that the Gaza Strip is witnessing major shortages in fuel, food and other main requirements of daily livelihood.

 The siege also caused a lack of meat in the Gaza Strip which forced the UNRWA to expand its food programs to provide aid to nearly 110.000 students on daily basis.