Two children and a journalist are among those killed by the latest Israeli airstrike on al-Bureij refugee camp in the Gaza Strip – this attack brings the total number killed on Wednesday to 18.


An additional 17 people were wounded in the missile strike on the crowded refugee camp.  This latest airstrike comes in the midst of rapid escalation of Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip beginning Wednesday morning.  Thus far, eighteen Palestinians have been killed by Israeli attacks on Wednesday, most of them civilians.  Three Israeli soldiers have also been killed in the clashes.


According to the Reuters news agency, a 24-year old cameraman working for the agency, Fadal Shanaa, was driving in a vehicle that was clearly marked on the top and sides as 'PRESS'.  An Israeli missile, apparently targeting his vehicle, made a direct hit, killing Shanaa and 11 bystanders.


"It was even clearly marked on the roof, so it can't be mistaken on the ground or from the air," said a fellow journalist from Al-Jazeera news agency.


According to the Israeli army spokesman, "We hit our target".


Israeli attacks on journalists have grown over the last eight years, with Israeli forces unapologetically targeting journalists who they say have no right to be in certain areas of the occupied Palestinian territories.