Palestinian detainees imprisoned in Ofer Israeli prison issued a press release on Friday confirming their unity regardless of the political affiliation and demanding internal unity among all Palestinian factions. In their statement, the detainees said that they are proud of their unity in spite of the repeated Israeli attempt to divide them and separate them from each other.

“We the detainees are proud of our unity, we understand that the future of our people cannot be maintained without unity among all factions, this unity and the thousands of martyrs, the wounded and the detainees, are the flame which lights the path of freedom”, the detainees stated in their latter.

The statement was signed by detainees representing all national and Islamic factions in Ofer prison and was addressed to the leadership of Hamas and Fateh demanding them to end their conflict and unite against the ongoing Israeli violations.

“On the Palestinian Prisoner Day, we appeal our brothers in Fateh and Hamas to resume the internal dialogue, and maintain the internal unity among all Palestinians, we all have to sit together, renounce our divisions and launch a comprehensive dialogue which will lead to national reconciliation and push us to focus on our struggle for constructing an independent state which is tolerant to all factions and residents”.