Palestinian ambulances in Gaza Strip will stop working completely very soon due to fuel shortage, the administration of the First Aid and Emergency department in the Gaza Strip said Saturday.Dr. Mo’aweyah Hasanin, director of the emergency department said when the ambulances run out of fuel, they will immediately stop working because they are unable to refuel them as there is no single drop of diesel needed to runt the ambulances in all the Gaza Strip gas stations.

He warned of the difficult situation in the coastal region saying ‘the Israeli air strikes and artillery shelling are ongoing so as the invasions in all areas in Gaza Strip […] ambulances will be very much needed then.’

Dr. Hasanin, noted that there are dozens of injured people who are waiting to be transferred for treatment out of the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing, the only outlet for Gaza people to the world which he demanded to be opened so they will have the chance to be treated.