Saturday afternoon, Israeli forces backed by armored vehicles broke into the al Huda local market which belongs to the Islamic Charitable Society located in the center of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Troops handed the tenants of a two day ultimatum to evacuate the stores and offices in the market in accordance with a decision made by the Israeli authorities to confiscate and the seal all of the charitable society buildings and their belongings.

The market consists of a number of commercial stores, offices, clinics, a medical center and a library for children.

This is the third time this market is being invaded by the army. The Popular Campaign for Supporting the Orphans denounced this attack and called for a quick intervension to stop the ongoing Israeli procedures against the charitable societies, that latest attacl was the sealing off a local bakery and a tailor workshop for three years.

The Popular Campaign affirmed that the Israeli army is implementing its military decision on phases away from media. It called for shedding more light on this crime that threatens the thousands of orphans, students and the residents of Hebron.