The Nafha Society for Defending Human Rights and Detainees Rights reported on Saturday that the Israeli Prison Authority issued administrative detention orders against 23 without charges of trial.One of the lawyers of the society stated that detainee Fadil Ibrahim Abu Salim, Bashar Mtei’ Touqan, Mohammad Mahmoud, Mohammad Al Shawawra, and Firas Jawarna, all from Bethlehem received administrative detention orders for six months each.  

Also the army issued four months administrative orders against detainees Shaker Rostom, Shadi Karakra, Montasir Al Beirooty, Mubarak Sawarka and Tha’er Jawarish, from Bethlehem, in addition to Mohammad Sha’ban and Fahid Sbeih from Hebron,  Sufian Qabha from Tulakrem and Ahmad  Khadraj and Shadi Salim from Qalqilia,

Moreover, the following detainees received three months administrative detention orders; Mona Qa’dan from Jenin, Omar Aslan from Nablus, Ibrahim Al Sahoury and Jamil Zawahra from Bethlehem, Abdul-Halim Ghannam and Khalil Ali Khalil from Ramallah.

Detainees Mahir Aabid received five months and detainee Adnan Hamarsha received two months.  

Neither the Detainees imprisoned under administrative detention orders, nor their lawyers, can know what charges are being filed against them as the Israeli security services use “secret files”. Israel inherited the administrative detention  from the British Mandate .