Fahmi Al Za’arir, the official spokesperson of Fateh movement, stated on Tuesday that Hamas has the right to change its political positions or stances, but “as an outlawed movement, it cannot negotiate or talk about the Palestinian political positions”.Al Za’arir added that Hamas does not have sufficient political experience to conduct political negotiations.

The statements of Al Za’arir came after Hamas movement said that it accepts the establishment of a Palestinian State within the 1967 borders but without recognizing Israel.

The Fateh official said that Hamas can express its political position, "but after it carried its coup in Gaza, it cannot and should not talk about the general Palestinian stance”.

He also said that President, Mahmoud Abbas, is the only person who is authorized to hold and steer the negotiations as he is the head of the executive committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Al Za’arir added that Khalid Mashal, and other Hamas leaders in Syria, met with the former US President, Jimmy Carter, and made lots of concessions to a president who ended his duties more than 25 years ago, “What will they do if they meet with the current US president!”, he added.   

Meanwhile, Hamas legislator, Dr. Salah Al Bardaweel, stated on Monday that Hamas’ position is part of the National Reconciliation Document, in which the movement agreed that president Abbas will be in charge of peace talks with Israel.

He added that “any peace deal with the Jewish State should be subject to a national referendum” and is conditioned by ending the internal divisions among the Palestinian factions.

The statements of Al Bardaweel came on Monday evening during a TV interview, the Palestine-info a Hamas-run news website reported.

He stated that the National Reconciliation Document authorizes Abbas to hold peace talks with Israel in order to achieve what was agreed upon in the Reconciliation Document.    

Al Bardaweel added that the goals are establishing a sovereign Palestinian State, the return of the refugees and Jerusalem as a capital for this state.

He also said that negotiations without Hamas cannot be conducted, and cannot be carried out while divisions still exist among the Palestinian factions.

Therefore, he added, “our agreement to a state within the 1967 borders, the right of return and Jerusalem as the capital of this state, is based on our rejection to recognize the occupation, or the right of this occupation to exist, our position is a political solution acceptable by all factions”.