Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, met on Wednesday with King Abdulla II of Jordan in Washington and discussed with him the outcome of his meeting with the US President George W. Bush. Nabil Abu Rodeina, spokesperson of president Abbas, described the meeting as important and stated that it is part of the Arab and International coordination for a unified stance to push advance with the peace process in the Middle East.

Prior to his meeting with Abbas, the Jordanian monarch met with Bush and discussed with him peace efforts in the region.

Abu Rodeina said that King Abdullah inform Abbas on the contents of his meeting with Bush and described the meeting as important and positive.

Abbas is slated to hold a meeting with the US Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice in order to prepare for his meeting with Bush on Thursday.

On his way to Washington, Abbas told reporters that Israel and the Palestinian Authority have ongoing contact and are attempting to reach a peace deal.

He added that both sides are also holding extensive talks on the issue of Palestinian refugees.