The Al Ahram Egyptian Newspaper reported Saturday that Hamas movement is collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in order to obtain or develop drones that could carry explosives and be used against Israel. Hamas movement totally rejected the claim.The newspaper said that Egyptian Authorities are currently investigating a possible collaboration between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in order to develop or obtain drones.

 The newspaper added that security forces in Egypt arrested four persons and accused them of plotting to buy fuel in order to be used for the unmanned drones. Two of the detained residents are members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Israeli Ynetnews reported.

The Ynetnews added that the two of the detained men gave an amount of 3700 USD to two other men in order to buy fuel and a remote control device for a small drone.

The Ynetnews said that the drone was meant to be loaded with explosives in order to attack an unknown target.

 The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt denied the claims as one of the members of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, stated that these accusations are baseless and that the movement is not involved in such plans.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry did not comment on the reports.

Hamas movement officially denied that news and considered them part of a campaign carried by the paper and other papers against the Islamic Movement.

Hamas spokesperson, Sami Abu Zuhri, said that Hamas and the Palestinian people have the right to obtain weapons for resistance “but the news published by Al Ahram are baseless and are party of smear campaign against the movement and the Palestinian people”.

“These false statements aim at connecting Hamas movement with internal conflicts in Egypt”, Abu Zuhri stated, “Hamas is a Palestinian liberation movement and is not an Egyptian group”.