Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, issued a press release on Wednesday stating that the calls of President Mahmoud Abbas for a comprehensive dialogue with Hamas must be accompanied by the release of all Hamas members and supporters imprisoned by his security forces, in the West Bank”. The movement stated that 36 of its members are still imprisoned by the Palestinian security forces in the West Bank which contradicts the statements of the Palestinian Authority and its calls for unity and dialogue.

Hamas released the names of 36 prisoners imprisoned by Abbas’ security forces in the West Bank and demanded Abbas to issue direct orders for their immediate release.

Hamas also called on all national and Islamic factions to act for the release of all political prisoners in order to advance in unity talks.

Meanwhile, Hamas media sources reported on Wednesday that Palestinian security forces arrested on Tuesday three Palestinians in the West Bank, including one reporter.

 One of the arrestees, Tamer Jamal, is a student of Bir Zeit University who was imprisoned by Israel and was only released two weeks ago.