At the break of dawn today the Israeli army invaded the city of Jenin and the villages of ‘Arabeh and Ta’nak north of the West Bank, during which they kidnapped two civilians and took them to unknown detention camps. Sources reported that the Israeli troops kidnapped 24 year old Imad Zibod from his house in Ta’nak village west of Jenin after an Israeli invasion of the city in the early hours of today. During a house search, the Israeli troops caused large damage, and forced all of its residents to leave. The victim’s brother Tarek Zibod said that the Israeli troops stole a sum money during the search.

In the city of Jenin the Israeli military tanks swamped the streets of the city under immense gun fire before kidnapping 38 year old Ghassan Al-Zoghbi from the Isakan neighborhood. While searching, the Israeli troops searched the house of the lawyer Diya’ Zoghbi used police dogs.

Sources also said that at 3:00 am today the Israeli forces invaded the village of ‘Arabeh and pulled out hours later with out any kidnappings being reported.