International Soldiery Society for human rights issued its monthly report for June 2008 on Monday. During the reported period the Society stated that the Israeli army has killed 35 civilians and kidnapped at least 320.

The report shows that during the month of June 2008 the Israeli army killed in total 35 Palestinians, 29 in the Gaza Strip and six in the West Bank.

In addition the International Solidarity Society said in its report that the Israeli army continued to use the policy of extra-judicial assassinations, the report shows that out of the 29 killed in Gaza 22 were killed by this policy meanwhile one out of the six killed in the West Bank was killed in the same way.

The human rights group reported that the Israeli army has kidnapped more than 230 Palestinians among them 40 children who are under the age of 19, during the month of June 2008. All were taken to unknown detention camps.

The report documented also some Israeli army attacks against Palestinian NGOs and Media outlets which included:

1- On June 5th a group of settlers assaulted Mahfoz Abu Zark, a Palestinian photo-Journalist, while documenting the construction of an Israeli settlement in the city of Jerusalem.

2- On June 6th the Israeli army ordered Mostafa Sabri, a local Journalist in Jenin to have an interview with the Israeli security police office at a nearby military camp.

3- On June 19th the Israeli forces broke into 3 schools in Nablus and left some damage there of belongings.

4- On June 20th a photo-Journalist for Al Al- Haya, a local news paper, was injured from tear gas during the Bil’in weekly protest near Ramallah.

5- On June 24th the Israeli army brook into Qabatyah sports center in Jenin and confiscated its belongings.

6- On June 27th the Israeli army assaulted the award wining Palestinian journalist Mohammad Al-Meghaier at the Beit Hanoun border crossing in the Gaza Strip. He was headed to Europe and the USA to receive his award and for speaking.