The Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), stationed in the occupied southern West Bank city of Hebron, reported on Sunday that the Israeli army installed three more roadblocks between Hebron and the nearby villages of At Tuwani and Yatta.

The CPT reported that a military bulldozer massed a 4ft mound on the At-Tuwani village side of the road, using cement blocks, boulders and dirt.

The army also ripped cement from the road itself, damaging it significantly. Later on the soldiers removed the roadblock leaving the road damaged and later on installed another roadblock on the opposite side of Route number 317.

Moreover, soldiers placed three earth mounds blocking access roads to tractors and trucks that travel to and out of Yatta village.

The CPT reported that there are six barriers currently blocking the roads between At Tuwani and Yatta.

 Access to Yatta is very essential to the area as it is considered the hub for major services such as hospitals, schools, and public offices.

 The new roadblocks are the latest in a series of roadblocks erected by the Israeli army in the area. The most recent, was erected on 27 June, and still remains, the CPT reported.