Jamal Alkhudari, chairman of the local popular committee to break the Gaza siege, confirmed on Sunday that two international boats, loaded with internationals and assistance packages, will arrive in Gaza between August 5-10.
In a press conference in Gaza city, Alkhudari pointed out that two boats will arrive in Gaza shores, coming from Cyprus. One of the boats will carry peace activists, foreign parliamentarians and Palestinian refugees from overseas.

Alkhudary expected that Israel will intercept the boats, saying that the boat's passengers are ready to face any Israeli measures against them, even if they are forced to stay besieged on board.

He pointed out that tens of Gaza boats will be welcoming the visiting boats, maintaining that a press conference will be held upon arrival of the solidarity boats.

Israel has been imposing a crippling closure on the coastal region since June 2007. Many essential food items and raw materials have been made scarce as unemployment and poverty rates have hit record highs.