Palestinian security forces, loyal to Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, attacked several places said to be hideouts in Gaza for residents involved in last week’s blasts in Gaza in which five Hamas members and one child were killed. The forces attacked buildings that belong to Hallas family in Al Shujaeyya neighborhood, east of Gaza city; at least thirteen residents were wounded.

The Associated Press reported that gunmen exchanged fire with the security forces, and that sounds of explosions were heard.

Reporter of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera,  Wa’el Al Dahdouh , said that at least thirteen residents were moved to the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza, one of them is an a serious condition.

Al Dahdouh added that the number of injuries might increase as the clashes are still ongoing while the police are surrounding the area where the family is located.

Islam Shahwan, spokesperson of Gaza police, stated that security forces arrested a number of gunmen who topped several houses and opened fire at the security forces.

Shahwan added that the police demanded Hallas family to hand in all suspects and that the police are determined to arrest them.

Hallas family, which supports Fateh movement, stated that it has no connection with last week’s explosions in Gaza, and that it is not hosting any residents who are suspected to be involved in these clashes.