Israeli settlers attacked a wedding party in Hebron on Saturday evening and wounded two Palestinians, according to the Maan News Agency.  One of the wounded residents is a youth who was thrown off of the rooftop of his home by the settlers.  The youth suffered a broken back and is currently in serious condition.

The agency added that dozens of settlers attacked the wedding party, which was being held at the home of Abdul-Karim Al Ja’bary, close to the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba’, and hurled stones at the residents.

The boy who was thrown from the rooftop by the settlers was identified as 15-year old Hamza Abu Hitta.

The Israeli military, which arrived on the scene later, has a mandate to ‘protect’ the settlers from the Palestinians, despite the fact that it is nearly always the Israeli settlers, who live illegally on Palestinian land in the Hebron area, who are the aggressors.  The army took the injured youth, and later handed him over to a Palestinian medical team, which brought him to a nearby Palestinian hospital.

Fateh legislator, Sahar Al Qawasmi, slammed that attack and said that the Israeli army protects the settlers who repeatedly attack the Palestinian residents of Hebron and their homes.

She demanded an end to all illegal settler attacks in Hebron district and called on different human rights groups to visit Hebron and other Palestinian areas to document the ongoing attacks carried by the settlers.