Ma’an have issued a press release concerning the current status of chief English editer, Jared Malsin. Arguments will be heard tomorrow at Tel Aviv District Court to determine his possible deportation.Israeli District Court Justice Kobi Vardi will hear arguments for and against the deportation of detained Ma’an journalist Jared Malsin on Sunday morning in Tel Aviv.

Ma’an lawyer Castro Daoud will file his response at the Tel Aviv District Court, 1 Weizmann Street, following the presentation of the case against Jared by the Attorney General’s Office.

According to court documents filed on Thursday evening, signed by an interrogator at Ben Gurion International Airport, Jared was denied entry for the following reasons:

1) Refusal to cooperate

2) Lying to border officials

3) Reasons for arriving unclear

4) Violated visa terms

5) Entered Israel by means of lies

Daoud will argue that none of the listed reasons for his impending expulsion constitute a valid justification for the denial of entry, and that none signal Jared posed a “security risk,” as the document further stated. Moreover, none trump the violation of press freedom that would accompany Jared’s deportation.

Justice Vardi may call a hearing for Sunday afternoon. Friends, supporters and concerned members of the press will be gathered at the courthouse from 10am onward, awaiting news of the hearing location.

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