Following a bombing that was meant to target Israeli diplomats in Jordan two days ago, a number of senior Israeli security officials arrived in Amman to review the security measures used to secure the Israeli embassy in the country.Jordanian Information Minister, Nabil Sharif, confirmed the news but claimed that the Israeli officials are not talking part in the ongoing investigation into the blast.

He added that the Jordanian security devices are currently investigating the issue, and that they did not conduct any arrests yet.

Meanwhile, a former Israeli security official said that Israel faces numerous challenges in security its embassies in Arab countries that have diplomatic relations with the country.

Israeli paper, Haaretz, reported that the official, a former head of the Israeli Shabak, said that Israel’s embassies around the world enjoy tight security.

On Thursday, a roadside bomb detonated near the convoy of the Israeli diplomats while driving from Jordan to Israel for the weekend. No injuries were reported; Israel and Jordan said.

The Israeli ambassador in Jordan, Daniel Nevo, was not with the diplomats, and there was no immediate claim of responsibility by any group or individual.

This marks the first roadside bomb attack in Jordan.