The Palestinian government in the West Bank officially shut down ten TV and Radio stations; seven in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and three in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank.

The Ministry of Communications stated that the stations were temporarily shut down after they failed to obtain or renews their broadcast permits.

It added that the stations were given sufficient time to conduct the needed procedures but failed to do so.

With the closure of the 10 stations, at least 100 employees became jobless and this number will likely increase should the P.A shut down more stations in the West Bank.

Stations owners slammed the decision and said that their stations were always the first to broadcast news about Israeli invasion and violations in their areas, and that they nearly have to advertisers due to the current situation in the occupied territories.

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P.A Shuts Down Five TV Stations In Nablus
Mon, 19 Apr 2010 11:34:06

Ahed Sbeih, head of the Broadcast Authority in Nablus, stated that the authority decided to shut down Gama, Asia , Adwa’, Base and Al Jala’, and only allowed Nablus and Panorama TV Stations to operate after they completed all needed forms.

Sbeih added that the Palestinian Authority gave the closed TV stations several opportunities to file the needed papers, and that the last chance was on April 15 in coordination with the Journalists Union.

Abu Ali Affana, head of the Adwa’ TV Stations, told the Maan News Agency that the stations received the official notices on Thursday, and voluntarily went off-air on Sunday morning.

Affana added that the decision is unjust and rushed, and demanded granting the stations further time to completely file all needed application.

He voiced an appeal to Prime Minister Dr. Salaam Fayyad to intervene and resolve the issue.