The Methodist Church in the United Kingdom has approved of a report in which it formally declares the occupation of the Palestinian territories by Israel as the primary hurdle to peace in the region.The report offered by the Methodist Church gives the nuanced, yet firm, perspective needed of the conflict in its present circumstances.

They acknowledged the right of Israel to exist while also extending their support and compassion to the Palestinian people in the humiliation and erosion of morale that they face on a daily basis.

The authors of the report point out the illegality of the Israeli colonies under international law and how they are one of the most important roadblocks to be addressed on the path to a lasting peace.

“We hope that the stories of occupation and the separation wall will enable people to understand more the conditions under which Palestinians live but we also acknowledge the fear and threat that many Israelis feel,” said Rev Graham Carter, chair of the group that oversaw the compilation of the report.

Recommended in the report on what the members of the community could do included prayer, contacting their MP’s, visiting the Israel/Palestine region, and talking with their communities.