WAFA: Hamas Security Forces Harass Palestinian Journalist In Gaza

August 10, 2010 11:39 PM George Rishmawi Gaza Strip, Internal Unrest, News Report 0

The official Palestinian news agency, WAFA, said that the Hamas security forces in Gaza continue to summon a Palestinian journalist to their headquarter to harass him.WAFA said that the Hamas security forces have been harassing Husam Mughanni for the past three weeks, and summon him up to three times every week.

The official Palestinian news Agency, said that the reason behind the harassment of Mughanni is that he is a WAFA reporter, and WAFA is the news agency of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, run by the Fateh party since their takeover in 2007, has been at odds with the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, run by the democratically-elected Hamas party, since the elections in 2006 which dethroned the long-standing government of the Fateh party.

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George Rishmawi

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