Prime Minister of the dissolved government in the Gaza Strip, stated Monday, that the decision of the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank to resume direct talks with Israel reflects a failed policy, and that such talks have no chances of success. He said that the talks will not be able to restore the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and their holy sites, and that the Palestinians should only “trust God, their only ally”.

Haniyya further stated that the Palestinian people are a role model for all Arab and Islamic countries and that they remained steadfast through many years of Israeli siege and aggression.

On Sunday, Hamas postponed a meeting that was supposed to be held with Fateh officials in Gaza city. The meeting was to touch issues regarding restoring unity but the decision to resume direct talks with Israel pushed Hamas to indefinitely postpone the meeting.

The decision of the Fateh-led Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to resume direct with Israel was also denounced by most of the Palestinian factions.

Talks with Israel were halted after the Israeli war of Gaza in December 2008, but the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) decided, on Friday, to endorse the decision to resume talks that would be held in Washington this September.