The Viva Palestina 5 solidarity convoy arrived in the Turkish capital Ankara and was received by thousands of supporters who carried Palestinian flags, Turkish flags and pictures of the al-Aqsa Mosque. The official reception was organized by the Turkish humanitarian relief foundation IHH, one of the groups participating in the flotilla.

Thousands of Turkish national and other peace activists gathered in front of the building were the participants are staying and chanted slogans calling for the liberation of Palestine.

During the welcome ceremony, head of the convoy Kevin Ovenden, saluted Turkey for its role increasing role in the Middle East and its efforts “help the helpless”, and thanked Turkey and its people for supporting the Palestinian cause.

Zaher Beerawi, official spokesperson of the convoy, stated that it is scheduled to arrive in Syria in Saturday afternoon, and will later on sail to al-Arish Egyptian Port before heading to the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, British M.P. George Galloway, stated during a press conference in Istanbul on Thursday that he voiced several appeals to the Egyptian government to facilitate the entry of the convoy and to allow all of the activists through.

Galloway added that there are dozens of activists and figures from more than 25 countries participating in the flotilla and are determined to deliver the supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip.