Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Thursday at dawn, twelve Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank.Israeli military sources told media agencies that the army conducted several invasions into West Bank cities, villages and refugee camps and arrested twelve residents “suspected of involvement in attacks against Israeli targets.’

There was no immediate report on the political affiliation, if any, of the kidnapped residents. They were all taken to interrogation centers for questioning.

The Israeli army and police are extensively deployed in Huwwara to protect Jewish settlers as they pass through it when they head to or leave their nearby settlements.

On Wednesday evening, soldiers kidnapped a Palestinian youth near Huwwara village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. An Israeli army spokesperson claimed that the youth carried a knife.

Also on Wednesday, settlers uprooted nearly fifty olive trees in al-Naqqara area, west of Huwwara. The uprooted trees belong to Huwwara resident, Najeh Issa Odah.