The Palestinian, Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights published, on Thursday, new reports about Israeli abuse and random detention of Palestinian children and their parents in the town of Silwan next to the old city of Jerusalem.One of these reports came from Abdullah Ghaith, 17. He told a social worker in the Center that he received a phone call on Thursday October 14, from his brother’s school principal telling him that his brother, Mahmud, was detained by the Israeli military within the school.

Abdullah and his mother went to the school. where they found Mahmud surrounded by soldiers. While he was arguing with the soldiers about the reason for detaining his brother, Mahmud tried to run away from them. Then the soldiers attacked him and harassed him. When his mother saw him on the ground and handcuffed, she started to argue with the soldiers to release her son. Instead they hit her with their guns until she lost consciousness.

The soldiers then took Mahmud to an Israeli police station for questioning, and afterwards to al-Masqubeya center. He spent the night there before he was released by signing a personal guarantee of five thousand shekels, approximately 1,400 U.S. dollars.