On Saturday, Israeli settlers threw stones at several Palestinian residents in the city of Hebron and the nearby town of Yatta, wounding at least one.An eyewitness reported that Nassar Mohammad al- Rajabi was wounded and suffered bruising in various parts of his body after being pelted with stones in al-Sahla neighborhood, in the old city of Hebron.

He added that the Carmel settlers attacked a number of residents of Um al-Kheir area, hurled stones at them and threatened to carry out more attacks to force the Palestinian residents out of the area where they and their ancestors have lived for hundreds of years.

The illegal settlement of Carmel is located to the east of Yatta village.

Mu’tasim al-Hathalin, from the village of Khirbet Um Al-Kheir which is adjacent to Carmel settlement, said that a number of residents were repeatedly attacked by the Israeli settlers.

He voiced an appeal to human rights organizations to intervene to stop the ongoing violations, and provide the local residents with protection, particularly in the areas adjacent to the settlement and the Israeli Annexation Wall.