Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, stated Wednesday that Israel always rushes to blame the Palestinians, and rushed to blame them for the brutal murder of a Jewish family in Itamar settlement, even before the truth is even known.The Palestine News and Info Agency reported that Abbas made this comment during the opening session of the Central Council of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

Abbas described the murder of the family as an “inhuman and immoral crime”, adding that Israel insists on blaming the Palestinians for this crime before its investigation yields any results that could determine who the killer is.

“The facts are still unknown”, Abbas said, “Yet, Israel insists on its position before the facts are known”.

Furthermore, Abbas stated that he spoke to Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and informed him that the Palestinian Authority is ready to cooperate in an effort to locate the assailants.

Abbas also said that Jewish settlers in the West Bank commit crimes against the Palestinians on a daily basis, adding that this issue does not justify the attack.

“But the world has to know that our villages are under constant attack, our trees are being cut down, our mosques and ours homes are being attacked and burnt”, Abbas said, “The International Community and the public in Israel should talk about these crimes, and identify them as crimes”.

The Palestinian President concluded by stating that he anxiously awaits the results of the Israeli investigation so that the assailants can be apprehended and prosecuted.