Egypt announced Wednesday that it managed to uncover a spy network working for Israel on Egyptian soil, and that its intelligence services are trying to locate two Israelis and one Egyptian reportedly involved in spying on Egypt’s Armed Forces.The Al Masry Al Youm Egyptian paper, reported that one of the suspects is currently being held by the army forces in the country.

Media sources in Egypt reported that Israel started gathering information on the Egyptian army as it became in charge of Egypt following the removal of the regime of former President, Hosni Mubarak, who was considered as a strong ally to Israel.

The spying started after the massive Egyptian protests took off demanding the removal of Mubarak.

Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that a correspondent working for Israel’s TV, Channel 10, and three journalists believed to be working for Israel’s Channel 2 TV, were also apprehended by the Egyptian Security Forces and were deported back to Israel.

This is not the first time Egypt locates Israeli spies in the country; last year, an Egyptian man was apprehended, and confessed to providing the Israeli Intelligence Agency, the Mossad, with security information he collected on Israel’s behalf.