The Ministry of Interior in Egypt demanded organizers of the Return March to cancel their May 15 “The Return Procession” to Gaza, due to what it called the “current delegate security situation in the country”.The Ministry issued a statement calling on all parties that planned the procession in Cairo and in Gaza, to cancel their activity “in order to avoid potential dangers and security issues that could take place due to the current situation in Egypt”.

The procession is planned to be held on May 15, the Nakba (Catastrophe) Day that marks the occupation of historic Palestinian and the creation on Israel; the protesters will be marching in support to the Palestinian Refugees’ Right of Return, the Palestinian cause, and the release of Palestinian political prisoners.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior said that it supports the Palestinian people and their cause, and supports the Palestinian legitimate struggle towards liberation and independence.

The May 15th procession was called for by several social and political parties calling for a massive nonviolent march starting from the Al Tahrir Square in Cairo, and several areas in Egypt, heading towards the border with the Gaza Strip.

The organizers of the protests said that this act aims at affirming the Right of Return to all Palestinian refugees, and calls on Egypt to permanently open the Rafah Border terminal.

Ahmad Al Zeer, spokesperson of the preparation committee for the Return Procession stated that the march is nonviolent in nature, and has no other aims rather than ensuring the implementation of the Right of Return that was granted to the Palestinian refugees sixty-three years ago.

During a press conference at the Al Manara news Agency on Thursday, Al Zeer said that May 15 “will be the beginning of a long-term popular movement that will escalate and take different forms and shapes until its ends it all cities and towns where the refugees were displaced”.

He also denounced that silence of the United Nations and different international human rights groups while the Palestinian people continue to suffer under occupation and the refugees continue to live is Diaspora.