The Canadian ship participating in the Freedom Flotilla 2 has been turned back to port after it attempted to depart from Gaza from the Greek port of Agios on Monday despite a ban on ships leaving Greek ports for Gaza.
The ‘Tahrir’ is currently docked in Agios after attempting to depart for Gaza on Monday. The ship was blocked by the Greek Navy and returned to port.

Activist David Heap described by phone that the vessel was boarded by 15 Greek coast gaurds and ordered to return, according to Maan news agency.

Heap described that 30 individuals claimed joint responsibility for captaining the ship in order to avoid severe legal sanction against any one individual. Currently the captian of the American ship to Gaza, John Klusmer, is being detained under harsh conditions in Greece after he attempted to sail to Gaza on Friday night.

Heap stated to PNN that ‘Israel’s expansion of the Gaza blockade to Greece is just the latest example of how the blockade of Gaza is about attacking freedom, not increasing security’.

The passnegers of the Canadian ship have opted to stay on board the ship without electricity. The ship has been refused permission to start its generator leading to a lack of sanitary facilities.

Protests have commenced at Candian embassies around the world in an effort to force the Canadian government to pressure Greece into letting the Tahrir.

Participants claim that their basic human right to leave the country is being denied. Article 13.2 of the Universal Decleration of Human Rights states that anybody has the right to leave a country.