The executive committee of Palestine Liberation Organization (ECPLO) confirmed Thursday that they would join the Palestinian delegation to the United Nations on Sep 22, 2011 to obtain Palestinian full membership in the UN, and ask for recognition of Palestine as a state, with borders along the 1967 borders, with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital.“The Palestinian leadership intends to continue its efforts along with all friendly countries and bodies to accomplish our goal”, wrote the Secretary of ECPLO, Yasser Abed-Rubo, in a press release after the ECPLO meeting on Thursday.

“The Palestinian Authority considers that this accomplishment would help to launch a serious peace process and contribute to real peace talks with a clear goal, which would be the implementation of two-state solution on 1967 borders.

The P.A. leadership called for popular peaceful actions to support the Palestinian UN bid.

It also criticized the Israeli government and the campaign by Israeli right wing extremists to mislead Israeli public opinion. “Establishing a Palestinian state would not make the Israeli state illegitimate. Rather, it is the only way to guarantee Israel’s security and the security of all countries in the region”, stated the P.A. leadership.

“All people are aware of the demolitions and vandalism carried out this week by Israeli settlers. It is a planned and deliberate provocation by the Israeli government and its army in order to attack Palestinians and damage the peaceful aims of the Palestinian bid,” the P.A pointed out.

Palestinians intend to go to the UN General Assembly on Sep 22, demanding an independent Palestinian state and full membership recognition at the UN. The Palestinian bid has received the support of over 140 countries, but the US government has waved its threat of veto to stop the bid for statehood. Moreover, the Israeli government has threatened to refuse to re-open peace talks with the Palestinians. Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have been halted since Sep 2010, as Israel is continuing settlement construction and other violations. Palestinian leaders have stated that they would not reopen peace talks with Israel until the latter halts and freezes all settlement construction.