Israeli soldiers opened fire on Saturday morning at Palestinian civilians near the “Nahal Oz” zone, east of the Gaza Strip leading to the injury of a Palestinian youth, the Maan News Agency reported on Saturday morning. Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli forces randomly opened fire at Palestinian citizens and farmers near “Nahal Oz” zone, wounding one resident identified as Mohammed Ibrahim Hamad, 23 years old; his injury was described as moderate.

“The army was not provoked, soldiers just opened fire at the farmers east of the Gaza Strip, they fled the scene fearing further attacks by the army”, an eyewitness said.

Late Friday, Israeli security sources claimed that a Palestinian home-made projectile was launched into the beach of city of Asqalan.

“The rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip; no damages or injuries were reported,” the sources added.

Earlier this week the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip have struck a ceasefire deal with Israel, mediated by Egypt, after Israeli warplanes assassinated five fighters of the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad.