A number of fundamentalist Israeli settlers cut on Friday more than 100 Palestinian Olive trees, including some ancient Roman trees that belong to residents of Yasouf and Jam’een towns, near the central Went Bank district of Salfit. Local sources reported that the settlers came from the illegal Tapoah settlement, and started cutting the trees that are located in Al-Mafqa’a area, near Yasouf.

The sources specifically blamed one settler who owns more than 100 sheep, as he repeatedly harasses the residents, and is believed to be behind incitement that led to the attack.

The settlers are attacking Palestinian orchards and lands in that area in an attempt to force the Palestinians out, so that they can expand the settlement.

Earlier on Friday, settlers attacked and punched two Palestinian youth in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. Soldiers, stationed at the area, arrested the two Palestinians; the settlers were not even detained.