A farmer in the Gaza Strip was shot on Tuesday, whilst working on his land, by the Israeli military.The Ma’an News Agency has reported that the unnamed farmer was shot whilst working his land east of Gaza City and was transported to Shifa hospital in Gaza City for treatment for his injuries.

The State of Israel has imposed a buffer zone on the Gaza Strip since their withdrawal of military personel and the civilian settler population in 2005, which they treat as a live fire zone.

Israel states that the buffer zone runs 300 meters into the Strip, but Palestinians have come under fire from up to 2km inside Gaza. The buffer zone encompasses a large volume of the Gaza Strip’s agricultural land preventing farmers from working in a safe environment and adding further strain to the Gaza’s limited resources.

In addition to the buffer zone, Israel imposes a siege upon Gaza, allowing limited imports and exports, which barely meet calorific requirements of the residents and are nutritionally lacking.

Furthermore, fisherman that work off the coast of the enclave come under attack from Israeli vessels, placing even more strain on Gaza’s supply of food and limited economy.