Prisoners have begun a hunger strike, on Tuesday, in the “South Jails” for one day, and continue to protest against the conditions imposed on political prisoners in Israeli jails.The prisoners confirmed a statement quoted by the Ministry of Family that they will be on hunger strike for one day only in the prisons of Nafha, Raymond, Eshel and Ashkelon.

Palestinian political prisoners use hunger strikes as a form of protest in order to return deprived rights, speak out against the deterioration of living conditions in prisons and to demand an end to the policy of isolation against the leaders of Palestinian people inside the jails.

The prisoners called all people of conscience and Human Rights Organizations to stand with their legitimate battle to claim their rights deprived by the Israeli Department of Corrections, before the dramatical deterioration of the condition of Palestinian prisoners reaches a point of no return.

The hunger striking prisoners wish to force local and international media outlets to shed light on the living conditions in prisons and the suffering of the prisoners.