A post on a Facebook page that carries the name of Israeli Basketball Player, Ido Kozikaro, reads “There is nothing like celebrating the Pesach with “Matzah dipped in the blood of Muslim and Christian Palestinian children”.Several Facebook followers of this page “Liked” the post, while several “fans” commented on the post in a sarcastic manner, including a Facebook user who said he wants “an invitation to this feast”, the Maan news Agency reported.

Commenting on the racist statements, Arab Member of Knesset, Mohammad Baraka, said that this page seems to belong to Kozikaro and that it not just a fan page or group, adding that the page includes all of his information, private pictures, including pictures of family and children, and other personal info.

“The place for this Nazi is prison”, Baraka stated, “And should Israel find out that this page is not Kozikaro’s, it should still implement the law, investigate this issue, and prosecute the offenders”.

Baraka further stated that it seems racism became a natural issue in Israel, and that “such racism is the natural outcome when racists run the country, while the legal system fails to prosecute the extremist offenders”.

He called on the Police Commissioner in the country “to apprehend the Neo-Nazis in Israel, and all emerging fascist activities”.

Baraka further stated that if the authorities fail to act in a timely manner “then what started in words will turn into action while Israel’s legal system is drowning in a conspiracy of silence”.

Commenting on the issue, Kozikaro wrote on his page that what was said is an unacceptable racism attributed to him, a bad joke and black humor taken out of context, and went on to wish happy holidays for all.