Egyptian sources reported Tuesday that three trucks loaded with 150 tons of fuel (diesel and gasoline) are on their way to the Gaza Strip in an attempt to alleviate the fuel crisis in the coastal region; the trucks will be entering Gaza via the Rafah Border Terminal. Egyptian paper The Seventh Day reported that the trucks are guarded by the Egyptian Military Police, and that the fuel came from the warehouses of the Egyptian Petroleum Cooperative Society in az-Zetat Port in Suez. The paper added that six more fuel trucks will be heading to Gaza on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Jaber al-Arabi, secretary general of the Suez district, north of Sinai, head of the Egyptian Red Crescent, stated that four trucks loaded with medications arrived on Tuesday at the Rafah border terminal on their way to Gaza, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

The medications were donated by the Arab Doctors Union; approximately 13 tons of medicine, medical supplies and equipment for the physically challenged, will be delivered once all documentations are finalized at the border terminal.