The Israeli Central Court ruled Thursday for the deportation of 1,500 migrants from Southern Sudan state; the ruling will be implemented in the coming few weeks. Israel also decided to build 25000 holding cells for illegal migrants.Israeli Interior Minister, Eli Yishai, from the fundamentalist Shas party, welcomed the decision and said that “this is the first step in the deportation process of Eritrean and Southern Sudanese migrants”.

Israeli member of Knesset, Danny Danon, of the Likud party of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called for the immediate expulsion of African migrants, and added that there is no reason for not deporting 3000 migrants from Southern Sudan.

“It is time to act on deporting them” he said. “There is no need for further discussion on the issue”.

It is worth mentioning Danon previously visited South Sudan state and met with its president who told him that the State is willing to absorb the migrants.

At an emergency meeting on Sunday afternoon, June 3, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued instructions to begin the deportation of illegal African migrants to countries which Israel has diplomatic relations with, which account for 25,000 out of 60,000 African migrants in Israel.

Danon said that what delayed the deportation process was internal opposition to the move, discussions and court proceedings.

Furthermore, Israeli Ynet News reported that the Defense Ministry decided to build 20–25,000 holding cells by the end of the year to be used for detaining “infiltrators”.

Ynet added that the holding cells will be run by the Israeli Prison Service and the Ministry of Interior.

It also stated that the barrier Israel is building on the border with Egypt continues to advance by one kilometer a day, and that the Defense Ministry announced that 95% will be completed in October 2012; so far, 170 kilometers have been completed.