Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported Friday that a Palestinian man from Jerusalem was shocked by an Israeli Policeman with an electric gun five times; the incident took place at a park in Tel Aviv last Tuesday. The man was vacationing with his family and was attacked in front of his five children. The man, Talal Sayyad, 42 from At-Tour in occupied Jerusalem, filed a complaint to the investigation branch of the Israeli Justice Ministry.

The Arabs48 News Website reported that the man was even tasered after he was cuffed by the police..

Sayyad told Haaretz that he did not do anything wrong, and that all what he did is that he made a note to a policeman who arrived at the park with other policemen to stop a fight.

The policeman was excessively spraying the face of a boy with pepper spray.
The policeman asked Fayyad to leave, but was still waving his electric gun and went on to shock him in the abdomen.

The attack was caught on tape, and shows the policeman repeatedly tasing Fayyad despite the fact the he was cuffed and did pose any threat to anybody’s life.

Haaretz inquired about the issue, and said that the police claimed that the tape was manipulated as certain scenes showing, were removed.

The Police said that there was a violent fight between two families, and that the policemen arrived at the scene to stop the fight.

The Police also claimed that “the man in the video attacked a policeman and tried to obstruct his work”.