Ramallah- the outgoing Prime Minister Salam Fayyad called for a return to the people and for holding general elections in order to rebuild the Palestinian political system.In his first interview since his resignation on Saturday, Fayyad called for overcoming “difficulties in the Palestinian political system, and achieving harmony between all the components of the political system”. He also stated in a recorded interview “Perhaps the respect for the citizen’s awareness and its role in the implementation of this matter, requires to return to the people and to hold general elections, as this is the only way to rebuild our political system and to achieve our national goals”.

He also added in an interview broadcasted on a local radio this morning, Wednesday, “ as there cannot be a state without Jerusalem as its eternal capital, there cannot be a state without the Gaza Strip, as an integral part of it”.

Salam Fayyad was used to provide weekly messages on the local radio stations, each time addressing a specific issue, however, he confirmed in an interview that his weekly Wednesday morning would be the last one. Also, he assured that the resignation from his office “doesn’t mean in any way the disengagement from acting and contributing to defend the cause of our peoples and their fundamental rights of freedom and dignity”.

The outgoing Prime Minister also expressed his hopes for the new Palestinian government to start “building from what has been accomplished”. In the end, Fayyad thanked those who stood by his side during the six years- period of his mandate as Prime Minister and said to whom opposed him “for his prior positions or those who gave pre-judgments- he said- God forgave you. Palestine is greater than all”.