Leader of the Jewish Home Party, Israeli Economy and Trade Minister, Naftali Bennett, threatened that his party would withdraw from the government coalition with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, of the Likud Party, should Israel “grant any concession to the Palestinians in peace talks”.Israeli daily Maariv said that Bennett, who leads one of the largest coalition parties, said that granting concessions to the Palestinians would pose what he called “a serious threat to Israel”, and that his party “will not allow that to happen”.

Bennett also stated that his party will not only withdraw from the government, but will lead “a political battle at the Knesset to stop any agreement and any concession provided by the government, starting with foiling the Poll Law that the Knesset intends to vote on”.

He told Party leaders in the north of the country that his party would not stand idle “while the government concedes to the Palestinians”.

Yet, he added, “Without peace, the Jews cannot fulfill their dream of a Jewish and a Zionist state”, but added that achieving peace must be based on Israeli standards, and should first serve Israel and its security interests.

He also claimed that Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and his Authority, are trying to strip Israel of its international legitimacy, by filing applications at the United Nations, and its affiliated organizations.

Bennett further said that peace for Israel is based on boosting both Israeli and Palestinian economies, without making any political concessions.

He believes that peace can be reached by granting a better economy to the “self-rule area of the Palestinian Authority without giving the Palestinians more land”, and without establishing an independent Palestinian State.