The Israeli Authorities were supposed to hand the body of slain Palestinian Younis Ahmad Radayda, to his family on Sunday October 20, 2013, but decided to keep the body allegedly to conclude all paperwork.Head of the Al-Obeydiyya village council, Suleiman Al-Assa, told the Radio Bethlehem 2000 that Israel was supposed to hand the body of the slain Palestinian to his family after releasing it from the Abu Kabeer Forensic Center in occupied Jerusalem.

Al-Assa added that, on Sunday morning, the family took an ambulance to retrieve the body of their son, after Israel granted them the Okay, but were told that more paperwork, and legal documents, are still needed.

The family is hoping to get the body Monday so that they can perform prayers and the burial ceremony.
Radayda was shot and killed by Israeli army fire, on Thursday, after the army claimed he drove his bulldozer into a military base, close to the Qalandia terminal, north of occupied Jerusalem.

His family said their son must have lost control over his bulldozer, and that Israel is fabricating the incident to make it appear as a deliberate attack.

The family was initially hoping to receive the body of their son on Friday, but Israel decided to keep the body at the Abu Kabeer Forensic Center.