A number of Israeli officials of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to wage what they called a “decisive war” on the Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas and armed Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza.One of the main voices is that of Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s Intelligence Minister, who said that Palestinian armed groups have stepped-up the firing of shells from Gaza into nearby Israeli areas.

He said that “should the shells continue, Israel will have no other option but to end the situation, sooner or later”.

Steinitz added that he does not believe it is possible to reach any understanding, or go through political channels with armed groups in Gaza, and stated that Israel will be “pushed into launching a harsh and decisive strike”.

His statement came only one day after the army fired a missile close to an elementary school, behind the Maqousy towers, northwest of Gaza City.

Israeli Military spokesperson Avichai Adraee claimed the shelling targeted two areas in northern Gaza, both of which were allegedly used as launching pads for homemade shells.

Adraee said that Israel will not hesitate in striking Gaza, and will conduct every needed measure to stop the firing of shells.

Israel recently conducted numerous limited invasions into the coastal region, especially in border areas, bulldozed and uprooted Palestinian lands, and destroyed property.